Weekly Zoom Yin


Tuesday 6:30-7:30pm Yin Yoga 

email kellykammyoga@gmail.com for the code or the recording!


Weekly Live Classes
Saturday and Sunday 9-10am Vinyasa
at Fox & Bear Lodge, Vernon NJ


And you can find her on demand at YogaAnytime.com!

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Mythical Vinyasa With Kelly Kamm!

Your online hub for asana classes, storytelling, mudras, mantras and more! 

For $9 a month you get all of the above! Or for those who want a harmonium lesson only option, that's just $5!

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Mythical Sequencing 

Take your classes to the next level by incorporating mythology and storytelling.  In this course you'll learn how to infuse myths into your teaching practice, how to teach asana in such a way that every pose holds the essence of your theme, and how to leave your students in a state of bliss!  

You get:

    * a two hour workshop (filmed live at an advanced teacher training) that covers everything you need to know about adding storytelling to your sequencing

* kelly's worksheet that gives you all the tools you need to pull the messages out of the myths and turn them into powerful classes

* one story and accompanying asana class, so that you can see an example of how kelly turns the story into a class

* one extra story for you to practice with! get out your pen and fill in that worksheet!


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kelly kamm

La Vida Gita!

Bhagavad Gita Online Workshop

The Gita is one of, if not THE, most essential texts of yoga, yet it can be hard to dig into on your own.  In this online class you get not one but TWO live filmed workshops taught by Kelly at different teacher trainings.  She gives the background and an intro to the Mahabharata, then goes chapter by chapter through the text in a super understandable way, and finishes by pulling out key verses to discuss.  By the end it becomes clear that pretty much whatever your troubles... the Gita has the answer!!

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