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What is a wild wisdom goddess? 

She is untamed. She often dwells in the forest or at the fringes of society. She defies the status quo. She challenges the patriarchy. She loves moonlight, magic and wild animals. She dwells in your heart and is your teacher. She can be terrifying but she is always on your side. 

These workshops were all recorded during the Spring of 2020. 

Each one can be listened to separately, but they all relate and refer to each other so it's fun to listen to them all! Each workshop is about 45 minutes long. 

The Dasa Mahavidyas of Hindu Mythology:

​1. Kali

​2. Matangi, Dhumavati & Chinnamasta

​3. Lalita Tripura Sundari

4. Tara

​5. Bagalamukhi & Bhairavi

​6. Bhuvaneshwari & Kamala

The Greeks: 

1. Artemis

​2. Selene & Hecate

Christianity & Judaism: 

1. Lilith

The Egyptians: 

1. Isis, Nut & Bast

2. Hathor & Sekhmet

Workshops are $9 each, 3 for $25 

Or get all of them for only $75!

​Email to pay and have them emailed to you 

Wild Wisdom Goddess Workshops!