The Untraining/Retraining 
Revolutionizing and Reimagining Yoga
with Sondra Loring and Kelly Kamm 

Now is a very exciting time for yoga – everything is changing, and fast! Literally and virtually, there is a revolution happening; there are a myriad different ways yoga is being questioned and updated.  Yoga teachers are reimagining their teaching and people are taking their love of yoga and bringing it into many different aspects of their lives –public schools, the workplace, sports, on farms, on nature trips, into prisons and recovery centers, just to name a few.  It is wildly inspiring.

If any practice is to be sustainable, it must evolve and adapt with the times and we are certainly in transformative times. We believe in the yoga practice and have dedicated our lives to it. With the help of science and critical thinking, we are now able to further articulate and teach what we have felt and known intuitively about this beautiful subject. We have made it our mission to keep the teachings and practices relevant and non-dogmatic. Now we find ourselves at a crossroads. What will we take with us, what will we leave behind?  

We are excited to begin this journey with you. We are committed to excellence: in the classes we offer, in our teacher training, and in the choices of guest teachers that we will bring to you. What is new (and expanding) is the study of functional movement, bio-mechanics, resistance training, embodied awareness, neurology, injury prevention, social justice, anti-racist training and trauma-informed practices. We feel the imperative to re-examine common practices, instructional ‘cues’, alignment assumptions, and traditional texts, with a critical eye. We will teach specific asana sequences that highlight strength, stability and mobility. We will introduce different practices for the body, mind and heart that pull from the ground and reach for the stars.

In this training, expect to have your preconceived notions of yoga and yoga culture lovingly challenged and respectfully altered. Let us help you to broaden the scope of what you think yoga is, and not only to be part of the revolution, but to lead it by example!



kelly kamm

Sondra Loring

Sondra Loring fell in love with yoga while dancing professionally in New York City.

She traveled to India several times to study yoga, and has studied with many that have since fallen from grace. After moving to the Hudson Valley, Sondra opened Sadhana Center for Yoga and Meditation in Hudson in 2003, and Satya Yoga Center in Rhinebeck in 2005.

Sondra is an interdisciplinary queer witch, bringing somatic practices, yoga, meditation, science, poetry and mantra into her teaching. Her classes are loved for their graceful flow of movement, a strong sense of play, and a nurturing of community.

She lives on Feathertail Farm, now a small community garden, with her son, Mateo and their rascally elderly dog, Pequena.​

Kelly Kamm

​Always on the hunt for some deep connection with the invisible forces of magic and spirit, Kelly studied Eastern philosophy and politics in DC, hiked the Appalachian Train, traveled the world, and worked as a stylist in the NYC fashion and music business. When she found yoga she saw it as the confluence of everything she valued and longed for – creation and form, connection to the magical unknown, the fusing of the sacred and the everyday. She opened a studio in Goshen NY in 2006 and sold it a couple of years ago, and now teaches workshops, festivals and teacher-trainings all over the globe.