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Create Your 300 Hour Curriculum!

Choose your workshops and when you reach 300 hours, you're certified at the elite 500hr level!

Workshops are Friday 6-9 and Sat/Sun 12:30-5:30, plus homework

Cost: $250 for each 15hr workshop

January 31-Feb 2, 2020

Inversions, Arm Balances & Advanced Asana

Get ready for fun! We'll cover step by step practices that break down advanced and inverted poses of all sorts. Learn how to lessen fear (both yours and that of your students) and approach challenging poses with respect and lightheartedness. We'll go over the basics, like headstand, handstand, shoulder stand and forearm stand. Learn how to prepare for it and prop it, every which way. Add to that a sprinkle of wild stuff (upside down backbends and things you've probably only seen in a book or on instagram!) just for fun, plus some interesting arm balances and seated poses that go beyond the basics, and you've got one heck of a weekend! And the great news is that you don't have to be a super-yogi to join us this weekend!!! Come one, come all (all levels!)

$250, email to sign up

January 3-5, 2020

Bhakti Backbends

Do you love backbends? Or do you want to run to the bathroom as soon as the teacher says "urdhva dhanurasana" (wheel pose)? Either way, this weekend is for you! We'll cover anatomy & alignment, sequencing, hands-on assists, demystifying advanced poses, inverted backbends, restorative heart openers, how to use props and so much more! Even the most apprehensive yogis will surely find themselves bending over backwards with newfound lightness! In addition to the physical practice, we'll be exploring the essence of Bhakti Yoga, the yoga of devotion. Bhakti gives us insight into how to show up wholeheartedly in our lives, no matter what difficulties may arise. Through its various practices we can infuse our daily lives with deeper meaning and a profound sense of connection. 

$250, email to sign up