kelly kamm

10 Hour Yin Yoga Training

August 3, 5, 10 and 12th

​10am-12:30pm EST

When the going gets crazy, the crazy get YIN. 

Yin Yoga is the perfect blend of science and mysticism! These 4 Zoom classes will be all about digging deep into both the mystery and the technique of this incredible practice. Here's what we'll cover:

Theory & Philosophy



Asana Lab



Meridian Theory

Workshops will take place on Zoom as follows:

​Monday 8/3, 10-12:30 EST

Wednesday 8/5, 10-12:30 EST

Monday 8/10, 10-12:30 EST

Wednesday 8/12, 10-12:30 EST

All classes will be recorded as well, so if you are unable to meet with us live it's not a problem! 

Sliding Scale Payment

If you've got it, $250

If not, no worries. You can do $200 or $150 if funds are tight. 

​Email to sign up!