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Krushing on Krishna Online Course

Join Kelly kamm and kate perna on this fun exploration of all things KRISHNA!
This course has been designed to lead you through the process of creating unique and meaningful classes.  It is for both yoga teachers and students who are captured by the sacred stories.  It begins with an overview of mythology and its power to inspire.  Then, we introduce you to Krishna and share with you the captivating and enchanting stories of his many exploits.  We meet Krishna as a mischievous and lovable child, a seductive teenager, and as the famous character in the Gita!  You'll be taken through Kelly's own creative process and then invited to find your own with the help of carefully crafted worksheets.  You'll learn mudras and mantras to enhance your classes and we even answer the question, "Where do I go from here?" with a fabulous list of resources.
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